Thursday 7 April 2011

World’s fastest bus in Dubai travels 250kph

Dubai Superbus thumbnailOK, it isn’t exactly a bus, but it is public transport ready for the future. Commuters between Dubai and UAE will soon be able to experience 250kph sitting inside one of these. The “Superbus” can transport 23 passengers in comfort while clocking a mind-numbing 200+kph on its dedicated track.

Designed by a team from TU Delft University of Technology in Holland, the Superbus works on electricity. Public transport usually suffers from either plenty or lack of congestion, pollution and safety. The Superbus has addressed all three issues, it is claimed. What’s more it is aerodynamic and looks more interesting than a bus or a train. It will go well with the landscape of a modern city.

It’s 15m long (about a bus’ length) but with the height of a typical SUV with eight doors on each side. Powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries, the Superbus, makes use of rear wheel steering. The first road tests were successful in Holland last year. Several other similar routes are under evaluation as we write this.

Is it Car or Bike

For all those who are wondering whether this is a car or a bike, well its a combination of two wheeler fun and four wheeler comfort. Proxima, a car-bike hybrid vehicle is designed beautifully by Alvino, an Italian based designer company. They are not the first to do so, but they have definitely got one of the best looking car-bike hybrid vehicle.

Even though it might not offer the best of maneuverability than a traditional bike, but it would definitely take you to a new world of biking which would excite you a lot.

A sleek new design, with an awesome chrome plated alloys and exhaust pipe, with a fully enclosed cabin completes the whole transition from a bike to a car which would fit in two people.

This aims to be a perfect middle point between a car and a motorbike, the Proxima is a true urban mobility solution for the future. Proxima looks like a car in front and a motorcycle at the rear. Seats are arranged in tandem so it doesn’t loose the bike feel.